Justin Crowe - Artist, Priest, All-Around Bastard

 The Pain of Hell

Justin Crowe PortraitJustin Crowe, a member of the Clan Toreador, is a vicious, clever, magical genius. A world-famous (in sadistic circles, anyway) artist, he has captured torture and pain in ways never before imagined by the living, or the undead. While he outwardly portrays the all-knowing occultist and "artiste," his true mission is to eradicate his great enemy, a member of clan Tremere, from existence. This burning fanaticism has cost the lives of several other Tremere, who either disapproved of Justin's methods, or sought payback for his actions. He directly controls, in one fashion or another, the voodoo population of the South Central section of the U.S. This fact, coupled with his skills in the discipline of Necromancy makes him extremely valuable to the Camarilla, which explains his continued existence, despite his acknowledged actions in the name of his burning Revenge. Justin has very recently called a "truce" with the rest of Clan Tremere, a result of the actions of the good Doctor Geoffrey Pemberton, who provided Justin with a material link to his undead enemy, as well as Clan Tremere's permission to deal with him as Justin sees fit.

Justin has recently ventured to San Francisco, in order to found an artist's school that will combine the techniques of classical studio skills with occultism and visions beyond the norm, and he has taken on the duties of official webmaster to the vampiric newsgroup Alt.Games.Vampire.the.Masquerade. He is also an active participant in the VAMPWORLD shared reality writing list. Justin is also a follower of the Path of Voodoo, having renounced his Humanity in favor of the loa's blessings.

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Justin Crowe 01Although orphaned early, Justin Crowe learned that his artistic abilities could always get him a meal, or at least close enough to steal something. He made a name for himself on the streets of his native New Orleans by drawing portraits of tourists and locals alike. It was this ability that brought him to the attention of "Papa Erzulie" the petro Bokor (dark Priest) of the local voudon assemblage.

Papa Erzulie, named for the loa of Death and Revenge, wanted the finest of veves (loa symbols) for his hounfort (temple). He offered the boy a home, as well as a measure of his own power as Cheval (horse) to the loa which gave him his name. Justin, who was no fool, readily accepted and prospered. Justin was blessed with an amazing strength of character, and was able to serve the loa quite well. Years passed.

As Justin approached manhood, his dark master was approached by a mysterious stranger, who secreted himself and the master away for an entire evening. As Justin lay himself down to sleep, he felt the magical alarms his master had placed on his person activate, and so, like a good apprentice, he strictly followed the instructions he was given, despite his fears for his master, taking several specific books from his master's library and retreating to the hiding place previously arrainged.

Upon his return, Justin found the hounfort completely destroyed, his master horribly slain, and the peoples scattered. They would only speak of some terrible monster when questioned about the events of that night. Justin found few clues to the events that had occured there.

Justin then began to travel, searching the globe for sites that matched his own dark vision of the world. His reputation as an artist capable of capturing pain, grief, agony, andthe nuances of torture grew quickly, until his work was hanging in museums, and galleries and private collections around the world.

It was while touring the building sites that would one day come to be infamous as Auschwitz that Justin met Abrahem, a composer capable of creating music which expressed such unbearable torment that Justin was quickly enraptured. Finding in Abrahem a kindred spirit, Justin created several works that reflected Abrahem's melodies. Impressed, Abrahem offered Justin the opportunity to create his art for all eternity. Justin swiftly accepted, and was Embraced into Clan Toreador.

When he awoke as a vampire to the shadows of the world of the Dark Grace, Justin soon learned that his former master and friend Papa Erzulie had been slain by a member of a clan of vampires called "Tremere," presumably for refusing access Justin's magics. Apparently, the Tremere had planned to make Justin one of their own. Thus began a burning hatred which has lasted from that night to this. Sworn as he was to serve the loa of Revenge, Justin then vowed to destroy the one who had slain his only true friend.

Justin reclaimed the mantle of petro Bokor to the peoples and makes the magic of Death and Revenge even now.

Justin CroweAppearance:

Well-dressed in today's current styles, though favoring tweeds and silks, with a long brown ponytail and beard. Piercing slate-gray eyes, and an aquiline nose bridge a hard set to his mouth. Six feet-two inches tall, he has a tendency to lean in close when speaking with someone. Justin uses oil of peppermint in the mustache across his upper lip, to give mortals the impression of breath mints., thus preserving the Masquerade

When in his official capacity as Bokor, Justin paints his face with ash from the cremation of infants, tracing patterns across his brow, to call the loa. He will have tied several fetishes to his long hair, which flows as free as his nature.


"Tubular Bells" (the love theme from The Exorcist)


"Begone, fool! There is no Art in pretending that I care of such things. Stay out of my affairs, lest you learn the meaning of regret."


" *Yawn* Yes, I am impressed by your mastery of magic, little Tremere, but I would much prefer to see you try without your tongue." *RRRIIIPPP*

"That is much better."

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