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Discipline List Originally Compiled by Christian Steenhorst (bj169@freenet.carleton.ca)

Note: The Discipline descriptions have been standardized so that almost every description starts out with "Vampire may". The exceptions to this are Disciplines that are active all the time.

Note: Kuei-Jin are a type of vampire all their own. They cannot learn Kindred Disciplines, nor can Kindred learn Kuei-Jin Disciplines.

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Pronouncing Kuei-Jin Speech

Kuei-Jin Mage Lexicon

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DISCIPLINEStremendoulsly cool pic!

  Vampire spends 1 point of Demon Chi per round. For each dot possessed in BLACK WIND, Vampire may take one of the following: 1 extra action, mathematically increase running speed or take one automatic success in Brawl or Melee Damage rolls. It is very easy to enter Fire Soul in this state (which isn't an altogether bad thing) and the vampire may only use this Discipline to attack opponents.

 1 PERMEATE Vampire may use blood to either swell up or shrivel up.
 2 BLOOD ATEMI Vampire may move blood around in a target's body causing disorientation, nausea, damaging cramps, or actually aid healing.
 3 FLOW LIKE BLOOD Vampire may become as fluid as blood - dodging all attacks.
 4 BLOODLASH Vampire may turn a tendril of her blood into a whip.
5  BLOOD AWAKENING By Bleeding on them, Vampire may imbue objects with life or turn spirits into white jade statues.

 1 CORPSE SKIN Vampire may become zombie-like. For each Yin Chi spent, Vampire gains 2 Bruised health levels - Maximum 6 levels.
 2 WHITE TIGER CORPSE Vampire may become invisible with only a radiated chill to mark their passing.
 3 BONE OBEDIENCE Vampire may shape her bones for various deadly purposes.
 4 FIVE POISON CLOUD Vampire may exhale a black cloud of 6 agg damage.
 5 CH'ING SHIH Vampire may become a horrible, spikey, boney monster.

 1 RASA Vampire experiences vivid dreams while she sleeps during the day. Third eye is a small blemish.
 2 CHI SIGHT Vampire may perceive all spiritual things invisible to mortal eyes. Third eye is a bump.
 3 DRAGON WARD Vampire may tap spirit energies and become unapproachable. Third eye is fully developed and open.
 4 PURIFICATION Vampire may use her third eye to either cleanse a target of dark Chi or infect a target with it - depending on which is dominant - Hun or P'o.
 5 SPIRIT-EATING Vampire may use her third eye to remove a target's soul and either work healings on it or devour it depending again on which half of the soul is dominant.

 1 SCRUTINIZE Vampire may open a dialogue with her own P'o or perceive the dark natures of other beings to a tee.
 2 CLEAVE THE DEMON Vampire may sever the Hun and the P'o. One of these two keeps control of the body, while the other wanders around the Yin or Yang spirit worlds.
 3 LASH THE DEMON Vampire may sever the Hun and P'o of others.
 4 YOKE THE DEMON Vampire may subjugate her P'o and make it her servant.
 5 TWO BECOME ONE Vampire may merge her Hun and P'o, allowing her to taste the advantages of Golconda.


DEMON SHINTAI allows the Vampire to channel her P'o through her body to create various effects. For each point of DEMON SHINTAI possessed, the Vampire must choose 1 odd Demonic effect from a list of Characteristics.

1 - +1 Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
2 - +1 Strength
3 - +1 Stamina
4 - +1 Strength
5 - +1 Dexterity

 1 MASTER FLOW Vampire may alter the Chi in her own body to its opposite.
 2 ADJUST BALANCE Vampire may alter the Chi in the bodies of others to make them Yin or Yang aspected or balanced.
 3 SHIFT THE BALANCE Vampire may temporarily alter her Chi balance.
 4 CHI INTERRUPT Vampire may interrupt the flow of Chi causing spasms, paralisis or death.
 5 CHI MASTERY Vampire may expell or defile the Chi in a target's body.

 1 LONG NECK Vampire may stretch any limb by 5 feet per Stamina point.
 2 DETACH LIMB Vampire may detach any of her limbs and control them.
 3 LOTUS CLOUD Vampire may exhale a cloud that renders targets giddy and highly suggestible.
 4 PELESIT Vampire may create various small creatures from her flesh.
 5 TEN THOUSAND FORMS Vampire may take any humanoid form and even some animal forms.

 1 GOBLIN FACE Vampire may cause Chi energy to burn from her eyes and mouth allowing sight in pitch darkness and bad bites.
 2 GOBLIN SPARK Vampire may throw Chi energy that is more cosmetic than useful.
 3 GOBLIN SHAPES Vampire may shape Chi energy into anything she wants - mostly humanoid forms.
 4 GOBLIN SCORCH Vampire may exhale Chi energy as a dragon breathes fire.
 5 GOBLIN LATERN Vampire may either surround herself with an aura of Chi energy or become a whirling ball of Chi.

 1 NO MIND Vampire may rid her Hun of all surface thoughts.
 2 BLOOD YOGA Vampire may regain Willpower through meditation.
 3 DISTANT DEATH KATA Vampire may strike any target within line of sight.
 4 IRON SOUL Vampire may accomplish nearly anything.
 5 HARMONY WITH THE ALL Vampire may attune herself to the Great Cycle. she cannot botch any roll, nor does she suffer any dice penalties and can attempt anything even if she doesn't have the necessary Skills.

 1 STAND UPON THE DRAGON'S BACK Vampire may root herself to the ground.
 2 TREAD THE THRASHING DRAGON'S TAIL Vampire may become supernaturally light, allowing her to walk on any surface without leaving footprints.
 3 PLACATE THE EARTH DRAGON Vampire may sink into the earth or through barriers.
 5 JADE SERVANT OF THE AUGUST PERSONAGE Vampire may attune herself to one of the five elements. Water, Metal, Earth, Wood or Fire.

 1 EVALUATE Vampire may perceive everything about a target's soul.
 2 SOUL BRIDGE Vampire may subtly push a target into doing something.
 3 AUTHORITY Vampire may cause others to obey her as if she were royalty.
 4 THOUSAND HELL STARE Vampire may cause others to feel they are being terribly and mercilessly judged.
 5 SOUL SHACKLES Vampire may bond her soul to another, creating a bond capable of shattering previously existing blood bonds.

 1 SPIRIT CALL Vampire may weave the threads of the spirit world into a spirit trap.
 2 CHI WARD Vampire may render the Wall between worlds weaker or stronger.
 3 CHI-SHAPING Vampire may manipulate all the spirit energies to create traps, areas of good or bad fortune or compell spirits.
 4 RIDE THE DRAGON Vampire may use Dragon lines as teleportation roads.
 5 CHI RIFT Vampire may open a portal to the Yin or Yang worlds.

 1 PRINCIPLE OF MOTION For each point of Yang spent, vampire may take either one more initiative die or one extra action.
 2 YANG MANTLE Vampire may surround herself with Yang and then may sway animals or mortals to their side, inflict agg damage with wood, or interact with Yang spirits.
 3 DRAGON DANCE Vampire may enter a battle trance and fights better.
 4 EIGHTFOLD YANG MANTLE Vampire may surround herself with Yang in order to either soak damage or create illusions.
 5 SEMBLANCE OF THE SCARLET QUEEN Vampire may become a Yang spirit.

YIN PRANA (Kuei-Jin)
 1 SHROUDED MOON Vampire may become invisible if she moves carefully.
 2 YIN MANTLE Vampire may surround herself with Yin and then may attract and interract with ghosts, influence Yin spirits and inflict agg damage with metal.
 3 BONE DANCE Vampire may make all the targets in an area tired, lethargic and suggestible or make targets fall asleep or vampires enter torpor all by dancing slowly.
 4 EIGHTFOLD YIN MANTLE Vampire may solidify her Yin energy into weapons, armor, or even give life to her shadow.
 5 SEMBLANCE OF THE EBON DRAGON Vampire may become a Yin spirit.



 References: Kindred of the East

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